Hotel Business 101: Mobile App Benefits


At the day and age, more and more individuals are browsing the internet through mobile phones and other gadgets. If you are running your own hotel business, then take advantage of this technology advancement.

Reach out to your target market more through simple app development. By doing so, your business will surely rise above and beyond the competition.

In the past years, the hotel industry has experienced an amazing transformation through the help of the digital world, most especially mobile apps. Even the most well-established hotels are getting more inclined to mobile app development.

Regardless of the number of your hotel rooms, star rating, and overall size of your hotel, you would need technology to grow your business. If you want to generate more revenue, gain additional brand recognition, and impress your target marketer, jump in to the mobile app technology trend. Below are the important benefits you can gain.


  • Mobile apps enhance your customers’ booking experiences.


Through a mobile app, even your busiest, high-profile guests can make hotel arrangements anytime, anywhere. They just need to pen the app, then in just a few clicks, they can already check in. In just a few seconds, you can let them know their room is ready! Your guest can head to his or her room right away, and even pay the required payments online. Convenient and easy, right?

No more long lines, and long forms to be filled. Mobile apps can help you gain exceptional customer service in just a few clicks.


  • Mobile apps are efficient marketing channels.


Great marketing is the key to success in the hotel business industry. Offline strategies are a waste of time, money and efforts. It’s no secret that hotel pamphlets are not really used as informative materials, they are used to wipe people’s hands.

For hoteliers, every minute is valuable. Develop an app for your hotel now. There is no margin for more errors!


  • Mobile apps incorporates a language adoption facility.


If you really want to grow your hotel business, serve your international clients well. Language barrier is the top dilemma of most travelers, so make sure to address it using a cool mobile app feature. Add a language adoption facility in your app. This would help your existing guests, and potential ones, to consume valuable details in their mother tongues.

In this way, you are able to serve the international customers as well, and this will also leave a positive impact on the audience and it will also increase the traffic to your app.


  • Mobile apps helps you get positive customer feedbacks and reviews.


At the end of the day, businesses in all industries would want to have good reviews and feedback. You need to think of a way to address and analyze all feedbacks to make your company prosper. Mobile applications provide the best opportunities to reach out to tourists and would-be guests who want to make hotel arrangements.

5 Professional Web Design Tips for a Faster Website

With fast internet connection speeds and a speedy device to access the internet to boot, there is now a need for speed when it comes to website loading. Here are some professional web design tips to help you ensure your site visitors that your website is fast based on the website creation company:


  1. Minimize the Use of Flash

In the early days, Flash was considered to be one of the best website design implementations out there because it allows you to add certain animations to make your webpage more lively.

However, Flash is already outdated and using them can be to the detriment of your site’s loading speeds. It is best that you do not use this anymore. Instead, HTML5 already allows you to embed and use any animation you want and it is a more updated platform.

  1. Clean and Organize Your Code

HTML is still the standard markup language that is used for website creation. Even though that may seem to be the case, using HTML can be quite tricky and you can easily clutter your code.

The problem with disorganized coding is that it can be hard to pinpoint exactly where a mistake is so that you can correct it. Furthermore, such coding structures would mean that the site may take a longer time to load.

As much as possible, you must clean up your code and organize it in a way that it will be easier for you to troubleshoot, should there be any problems in the final output.

  1. Compress Your Images and Use Thumbnails

A lot of web designers still do not optimize their content for speed. This is especially true when we are talking about pictures. They just upload any picture they can find on the internet without scaling it down to the best size for maximum loading speed.

As much as possible, resize your images down to 900p. Fortunately, that is very easy to do since there are a lot of free image editors you can find on the internet.

Furthermore, it would be great if you can use thumbnails instead of having the photo load completely right off the bat. Using thumbnails will give the user a preview of the photo without having to wait for a couple of seconds for it to fully load. Basically, when you use thumbnails, the images are compressed to a degree that it still is visible, albeit a bit smaller than the original copy.

  1. Limit Server Requests

Every time you use content- videos, photos, and animations, that is hosted from another website, it will make server requests every time your website is accessed. This can increase your site loading speeds and it depends on how fast your server can reach the external server- the one that is hosting your outsourced content.

As much as possible, upload all of the images and other graphical content on your server to reduce server requests from other sources.

  1. Pay Close Attention the Page Size

A lot of web designers just think about all the graphical elements and what not, but they rarely look at the final page size. The page size is the overall size of the page. So whenever someone accesses it, they will be required to download the page size for it to fully load.

The ideal size would be 30KB. You can go beyond that, but do not exceed more than 100KB as it will be deemed as a site that is “slow to load”.

5 Easy Hairstyles in 2018

Fashion and beauty trends are becoming more natural and simple. It is not the time to have a style with complicated and excessive makeup. Along with the times, many men and women no longer have time to style their hair on their own and this is wear the salons and gentlemen’s barbershop come into service.

  1.  Middle part. The coolest hair part is no longer at the sidelines, but the sleek middle part. Bangs have begun to be abandoned this year by most of the celebrities especially. Now, the runway stage is enlivened by models dressed in middle part hairstyle. This hairstyle is suitable for those who have a round face to give the illusion of length. This trend is also suitable for you with a pointed chin or a heart-shaped face. Some of the celebrities who have been styling this hairstyle are Khloe Kardashian and Selena Gomez.
  2. Sleek Braid. As of 2018, neatly and sleek braided hair is back in trend. This hairstyle is able to give a classic and modern touch to your appearance. This hairstyle is one of the flexible hairdos that is suitable to be pulled off to attend formal or casual events.
  3. Simple Bun. Believe it or not, this seemingly effortless hairstyle is back in trend in 2018. All you need is one rubber band to tie your hair. And then, tie the hair as usual, however, let half of the hair hang downward. It might look a little messy but believe it or not, it definitely will give a natural impression on your appearance.
  4. Low Ponytail. 2018 is the year where Ariana Grande debuted her low ponytail which basically means a new era for her. Many fans are going wild, thus explain why low ponytail is in trend this year. It is a simple and easy hairstyle to do, just simply tie your hair like a ponytail and make sure the ponytail is not too tight or too hight. And then, simply sweep your hair to the nape of the neck to give a sleek and modern impression on your appearance. To keep it neat, just spray hairspray to taste and you can let the tail of the hair stay straight or to create a volume and effect of wavy, use a curling iron.
  5. Wavy Bob. This effortless hairstyle suits you with thin hair. If you do not want to bother hair styling every day, you can just do hair perm or permanent curl at the salon. Shoulder hair length is much easier to appear thick and voluminous. If you are in a hurry in the morning, you don’t even need to bother going out of the house with wet hair. Let it dry naturally, and the thick hair is yours.