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5 Methods Men Can Try to Help Them Last Longer in Bed

Having trouble having your thing erect for a considerable amount of time during sex?
Well, you are not alone. There are many underlying conditions that plague men that can
put a damper on their otherwise amazing relationship with their partners.

Although quickies are always welcome, nothing can beat the passion and the sensation
that slow and long sex can provide. Unfortunately, some men are just not equipped to
last ‘that’ long.

Premature ejaculation plagues one in ten men all over the world and erectile
dysfunction certainly comes second (and more often for men who are at least the age of
40 and above).

Finishing off way too quickly may lead to frustration for both parties, but the good news
is that men can try different methods to help them last longer.

Before anything, you must make sure that you have your diet in check and also taking
men enhancement pills as well to supplement it.

Today, I am going to go over some methods men can try to help them last longer in

Put on the ‘Squeeze’

Men who suffer from premature ejaculation should definitely try out the ‘squeeze’.
Basically, this is a technique that you can use whenever you are about to cum.

When you feel that it is imminent, you have to stop what you are doing, pull your dick
out, and then apply a considerable amount of pressure just below the penis cap.

By doing this, you will delay the ejaculatory response and, therefore, allow you to last
longer in bed.

Doing the squeeze properly and effectively may require some practice but it is indeed
one of the simplest and most effective things that you can do to help buy you some
more time.

Follow a ‘Pregame’ Routine

There is something in men that is not available in women and that is the refractory
period. This is the short window of opportunity where men receive a significantly lower
level of stimulation on their penises.

This period happens when you’ve just ejaculated. That’s right, you do not have to
engage in sex to take advantage of this. Masturbating an hour or two before sex can
really help you last longer since you are taking advantage of the refractory period.

Try Edging

Edging is the term used when a man deliberately slows down sex to a crawl, enabling
them to settle down so that they can proceed without coming off too quickly.

Now, doing this during actual sex may be hard at first, which is why you need to practice
by masturbating first.

Do It Slowly

Men who constantly masturbate during their teen years might have unknowingly
conditioned themselves to finish off as soon as possible. That is probably because of
the fact that they have to finish what they’ve started, otherwise, they would get caught.

That being said, you have to keep in mind that good sex is actually not a sprint, but it is
a marathon. What do marathoners do to last a long time during the race? They go

Therefore, condition yourself to go at a moderate tempo instead of ramming your cock
to the point of no return.

Try Different Positions

One of the reasons why men come off way too easily is the fact that they continuously
use the same sex positions over and over again. Familiarity can breed mastery which,
in this case, is not a good thing.

Trying out different sex positions can certainly help because not only will your mind
have to work harder to get acquainted with the new position but you might also be trying
out something that doesn’t give you the same orgasm levels as you did before.


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