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How to Start Your Own Web Hosting Service?

5 Proven Tips for Better App Development

There are already plenty of top hosting websites in Malaysia out there, but if you have what it takes to create your own web hosting service, then why not, right? But, how exactly do you create one that will rival the bigwigs in the industry? Read on to find out some tips.

1.Establish Your Brand

Much like your favorite smartphone, you need to first establish your brand. Now, there are plenty of web hosting service providers out there so standing out from the pack is quite daunting. However, one way you can do so if to cater to a specific niche.

For instance, there are people who value reliability more than anything, so you may want to provide hosting services that offer DDoS protection for unparalleled service and website uptimes.

Or perhaps, you want to please the green energy initiative, so you may also want to provide services for that as well.

The first thing that you will need to do would be to find out who your target market is. Next, think about a company name so that people will instantly recognize you as you slowly rise to the top.

Next, think about a particular feature that will help your service stand out and be upfront about all of the things that people can expect when they sign up.

2.Find a Good Server Partner

Of course, since you are starting up a web hosting company, you will need to partner up with a dedicated server partner as well.

You see, the company is just one part of the equation as the servers will be the ones to make sure that websites are up and running and can be visited by anyone over the internet.

I suggest that you look for one that has all of the features that you want. Look for a company with a solid reputation (based on reviews), fast and dedicated service, and reliable hardware (especially on their server configurations.

3.Create Your Own Billing System and Support Channels

Once you’ve got the previous two covered, you will now need to create your own website as well. The thing that you have to remember is that your website must be complete with all of the information that your customers will need in order to for them to get enticed to sign up.

Furthermore, be upfront with your own billing system and also include support channels such as a helpdesk or a reliable customer support service. I also urge you to use a reliable website control panel so that you can easily provide a good service to your customers without all of the hassles of manual labor.

4.Advertise Your Service

Why do you think people love to buy Apple products? Is it because of the premium builds? Is it because of the brand? Or is it because the company is spending a lot of money on marketing?

Although all of them are legitimate reasons, truth be told, people get a particular service based on the marketing and ads they see over the internet or TV.

That is why you need to advertise your product or service either through Facebook or Google ads, local/newspaper ads, and even banner ads that are related to your niche as well.


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