Some Web Development Trends that Are Likely to Dominate in 2019

The Domination of Web Development Trends

Web development has come a long way. From simple text-based websites, we now have sites that make use of artificial intelligence, amazing graphics and animations, among many others.

What are the things that are likely to dominate the world of web development in 2019? Here are some possible candidates:

1. Improved Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is nothing new in the world of web development. In fact, some of its implementations, namely Machine Learning and Chatbots, are already being widely used.

But, artificial intelligence is a rapidly evolving field and experts believe that the industry is going to witness a huge growth in 2019. They estimate that the AI industry is going to experience up to 70% growth increment by the end of the year which could potentially net them over $1.2 trillion in earnings.

The field of AI is mainly used as a means to provide better quality service to customers and I am excited to see what other things we are going to see come 2019.

2. Single-Page Applications

Some Web Development Trends that Are Likely to Dominate in 2019Part of amazing web design is good site navigation. This includes the use of menus and other elements that will help visitors find their way quickly and easily.

However, in the past two years, comes the rise of Single-page Applications. Put it simply, these are just webpages that provide long-form content that can be viewed on a single page.

This has become quite popular since people would just have to scroll down and not tap or click on anything to consume content. Expect more websites to follow suit this year.

3. Improved Blockchain Technology

As people find more ways to utilize the online space for pretty much everything, security is now more important than ever before.

Blockchain Technology has been used extensively to host the trade of different cryptocurrencies. I believe that this technology is going to be utilized for other applications as well. Secure banking, perhaps?

4. Captivating Motion UI

Surveys suggest that the internet population actually have smaller attention spans nowadays. If you want to capture their attention, you have to do something that is out of the ordinary; something that will wow them.

Enter Motion UI. This allows you to make use of more captivating graphical content- may it be in the form of animations or moving images.

5. Further Implementation of Push Notifications

Some Web Development Trends that Are Likely to Dominate in 2019Mobile applications have the ability to provide push notifications to users. This can be in the form of an alert or if there is new activity from within the app that requires the user’s attention.

Expect to see more push notifications being implemented in the web development industry. Instead of receiving emails, an individual website can just send push notifications to users as they please.

6. Easier Web Development

Back in the day, developers would have to rely on their knowledge of code to create websites that have varying features. However, as web development evolves, there is now a lesser need for people to painstakingly create code for the creation of any website.

Nowadays, there are a lot of tools that developers can use to help cut development time in half; making both the developers and the clients happy.