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Tips to Improve Your Sexual Stamina

Sexual stamina refers to an individual’s ability to last in bed. Typically, women win on this front simply because they can last no matter how long it takes, but for men, sad to say, they are much different.

You see, it is quite common for men to finish way too early; so early, in fact, that some even finish well within 2 minutes.

Now, the length of sex is not an issue, especially if your partner is okay with how long or short it is. But, men may feel that they are inadequate in providing their sexual prowess to their partners and that is why searches for male enhancement pills are quite common in this day and age.

That being said, there are actually ways to improve your sexual stamina other than taking some pills or supplements. Read further to find out what they are.

Masturbation Can Actually Build Sexual Endurance

Did you know that masturbation can actually help improve your sexual stamina? That is right! According to studies, masturbation can help you last longer in bed simply because it can release some pent-up sexual tension, thereby ‘rebooting’ your penis to doing the deed for much longer.

For a more scientific explanation, whenever a man ejaculates (whether it be through coitus or masturbation), a man undergoes a refractory period where his penis gets far less sexual stimulation. This means that, essentially, his partner can buy some time, allowing the sex to last a bit longer (at least).

Build Overall Strength

Improving your sexual stamina means that you should also build your overall strength. In other words, you have to become more active and do both cardio and weightlifting exercises for maximum benefit.

The reason why you’d want to do some cardio is to help improve your heart’s function. A healthy heart means that it is an organ that can pump a lot of blood when it is needed (and blood is required for the penis to get and stay erect).

Resistance training is also quite useful since lifting relatively heavy weights ramps up your body’s testosterone production, thereby increasing your sex drive.

Don’t Forget About Your Flexibility

Just when you think that only women should be flexible in bed, men should also think about improving their body’s flexibility as well.

Becoming more flexible allows you to do more sex positions and that is actually one of the best ways for you to buy some more time; helping you last longer in bed.

The novelty that comes by trying out new positions helps both you and your partner, so you may want to improve your flexibility starting today.

Feed Your Body the Right Nutrients

What you put in your body can help influence how horny you will be in bed. There are some nutrients that you want to focus on, namely:

  • Potassium- Help reduce your blood pressure and provides your body with some much-needed electrolytes to keep your muscles hydrated
  • Capsaicin- This active compound has been found not only to boost one’s metabolism but to also improve one’s sex drive as well
  • Complex Carbs- Unlike simple carbs, complex carbs provide your body with more sustainable energy. Good sources of it include oats, quinoa, and whole-wheat bread
  • B-Vitamins- Aside from boosting your overall vitality, some B-vitamins can also regulate the hormone levels in your body as well.


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