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Top Email Services on the Internet Analyzed

As the top web host companies stated, email is one of our most important services in hosting our website. Our email hosting is much more important to most business customers than their website. It can have an impact on the process if you rely on email for your regular communications. Let’s compare the hosting of cPanel versus G Suite versus Office 365.

We are operating cPanel servers, so that the email features are included. On regular or better SSL / TLS ports, using IMAP, Pick, and SMTP. The utilities are provided on our CloudLinux servers by Dovecot and Exim. Most consumers also use the embedded webmailing applications, the most common app being RoundCube. Webmail is helpful too, as it displays clearly what is on the computer.

If you’ve not got a busy e-commerce store, you definitely won’t sleep a ton on your website for upkeep. Your email, however? This really does influence the company–email and distribution are most of our service tickets.

But we are still concerned for approaches as reliable as our built-in cPanel email service is. G Suite and Office 365 have been set up by users and they can be great for your needs. Yet your resources go beyond mail because, because every company tries to tie you up in a separate environment, you have to include your workplace and your file storage systems too.

cPanel Hosting

Often, cPanel email management is better to stick to. It often works out cheaper for consumers who need to handle multiple apps because of our quality and capacity “all in one”–not for each user. For instance, ten G Suite users would cost you $60 per month, but these 10 email users will have only $15 per month in our pro web hosting account. 

There is also one company you only must work with and payment is easier. If you create a new email account, you do not need to change the billing. It is also much simpler than searching pages with additional options, upgrades and billing in g suites or office 365 to create a simple email account on cPanel.

We can also offer better service for you when we host your account. It is better for us if it is operating on our hosting servers to fix those email problems.

Office 365

This is the solution to G Suite from Microsoft. The higher price rates would give you a full Microsoft Office package, with 1 TB of OneDrive for file storage. However, the whole package is worth about $15 per user per month.

Approximately $10 for a month, and an additional $5 per user for each month, is included in the Office software license alone.

If you already have an bureau product license for your staff and fully support the Microsoft Office platform, we think this is a good choice.

Ogle Suite

It’s one of the most successful email providers. The web interface is fantastic. Almost every email program has an easy setup option, and delivery is the best that you can do if set up correctly. You also have complete access to documents, papers, drive, contacts and calendars as part of your subscription. Almost all of your business and cooperation needs are covered between these.

That’s an expense, though. You will be paying $6 per user per month for the G Suite plan, which can be fast if you have many apps. The main reason users choose to create a large number of accounts for our cPanel-based email without a user fee.

Even Google is subject to intermittent downtimes, apps for only half a day in last month were usually unavailable. But they’re typically as fine as you can–even if it comes at a price.


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