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What Are the Best and Worst Foods That a Man Can Eat?

A man has a particular set of needs, especially when it comes to nutrition. If you
examine what is contained in the best supplements for men, you will find a combination
of nutrients given at the right doses to ensure optimum nutrition.

But, there are sadly some foods that men still incorporate into their diets that could
prove to be detrimental to their health.

So it begs the question: What are the best and worst foods that a man can eat?
Fortunately for you, that is exactly what I will talk about in this article.

Best Foods

1. Bananas

Generally, active men would want to eat bananas on a consistent basis because it
contains a lot of potassium which can replenish lost electrolytes and prevent
inflammation and it also has carbohydrates as well which will give you that extra jolt of
energy to finish your last set.

2. High-Fiber Cereals

Cereals that are made of whole grains are great as they provide more sustainable
energy than kids’ cereals.

Oatmeal is another great food to eat since it is not only rich in fiber (which can help you
feel satiated much longer) but it also supplies your muscles with more energy as well
since they take time to get digested by the body.

3. Coffee

Coffee is an ideal drink to be taken in the morning to start your day right. Its caffeine
content will surely give you enough energy to kick-start everything.

That being said, you should opt for freshly-brewed coffee as opposed to those 3-in-1
packs since the latter contains mostly sugar and milk that you don’t want to be included
in your morning cup of Joe.

4. Tomatoes

Rich in vitamin C and cancer-fighting lycopene, tomatoes give you that extra tang that is
great to be paired with sandwiches and snacks.

5. Chili

Aside from the fact that it contains carbs and fiber, chili is great if you want to improve
your performance in bed. Its active compound, capsaicin, helps provide that spicy flavor
and it actually helps remove plaque from your arteries, ensuring optimal blood flow to
your nether parts.

6. Chicken

There is a reason why bodybuilders prefer eating chicken breast (in particular) more
than beef and pork and that is because it is not only the leanest cut of meat but also
contains loads of protein and fewer calories than other meat options.
Worst Foods

1. Fast Foods

Fast foods should be avoided at all costs because they are mostly filled with unhealthy
fats with little to no nutritional value. If you want to eat burgers, it is best that you make
your own instead.

2. Juice

No, I am not talking about organic or fresh juices, I am talking about those powdered
juices that you see in the local stores. They are filled with sugar and artificial flavors
which really do not give you anything other than inching yourself closer to getting diabetes.

3. Buttered Popcorn

Let me be clear here: Popcorn, by itself, is actually okay to eat. It only becomes bad for
your health if you start to introduce butter or sugar into the mix.


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