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Why gender-neutral children clothes matter

Do you love shopping for baby clothes in Malaysia? Shopping clothes for your little one is exciting and fun. In line with this,  you must think about what kind of clothing pieces are worth buying for your child. Are you also gearing towards gender-neutral baby clothes

At this day and age, many parents are clinging towards this lifestyle for their kids. We are used to gender distinctions by style, prints and color, but now, more and more parents are agreeing to unisex options. This new vision is driven by millennials, and most of are now gradually changing our vision towards this.

Boys, girls, unisex

What if your son loves the color pink, or what if your daughter loves playing with toy trucks? The main idea behind gender-neutral baby clothes is removing fashion limits, and letting the personality of your kid shine through. You as a parent has the power to break ideas concerning genders. 

Gender-neutral clothes are already a part of our culture, but this must not totally replace boy and girl clothes. They can just exist alongside thee choices. 

 Keep in mind that gender is a restrictive concept. Once gender stereotypes are implemented through children’s clothing, it can send a limiting message to kids. Unisex clothing allows children to express themselves well, exactly how they want to. It permit them to choose a range of clothing pieces which shows their unique personalities. By limiting stereotypes, you can, as a parent, make a path towards freedom of expression and thought. 

Do you know that unisex clothing also have sustainable and economic benefits. Gender-neutral colors and shapes make way to easier sharing of clothes between family members. Kids grow up fast, so their old clothes can easily be shared to young siblings. 

Are you thinking of raising your kids in an environment free from gender stereotypes? Here are some tips. 

  • Give your children different types of toys to play with. Toys are crucial for their development. 
  • Allow your children to play in mixed-gender groups. Let them interact in playdates, birthday parties and sports gatherings. 
  • Expose your kids to a grown-up role models.
  • Create a safe, secure environment where your kids can explore, and dele on the positive side. Let them know that it is okay to be different.
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